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Leak like the wind - Der Neue Scirocco brochure surfaces

It's not for us, but Volkswagen's moving ahead steadily with readying their new coupe. Heading a car for the showroom means that all the ancillary materials need to be created, too. They're likely shooting pictures of some preproduction model in an exotic locale as we write this, and the mundane things like owner's manuals need to get done so they can be lovingly tucked into gloveboxes. Some quick thinking with a digital camera has netted the interweb some closeups of a Scirocco's instruction booklet, which coincidentally carries closeups of an uncamoflaged Scirocco. The shots are small, out of focus, and not terribly informative, so we studied them for hours, naturally. You can see the final shape of the headlamp and down the flank, some fuzzy images of the interior and details like the rims, HVAC controls, and switchgear. We wish there was a shot or two of the rear, but at least we now know that the headlights are going to have an underbite that reminds us of the early '70s 412.
[Source: LLN]

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