Australia's monster motorbike from hell

Proving once again that it is always easier to tear things apart than it is to build them is the Australian monster, as seen above. The builder, Ray Baumann, says that "this is a way of taking a bit more care," if you can believe that. You see, his previous job was as a stunt driver. He claims that it is much safer riding this monster bike crushing cars than it was to jump them on a much smaller machine. Weighing in at 13 tons and standing about 10 feet tall, the monster doesn't appear to have any suspension travel at all. The frame appears to be an upside-down ladder design, with wheels and tires from Caterpillar. What does it take to move this maxi-machine? A Detroit Diesel engine hooked to a 6-speed Allison automatic transmission.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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