Honda F1 livery gets rid of the earth-only look

Remember Honda's F1 "Earth" paint job from last year? It's gone, replaced with a new "earthdreams" look. The new paint job on the new RA108 was unveiled today at the Honda F1 operational headquarters in Brackley, UK. The racing teams want to move "the focus from raising environmental awareness to action," which I at first thought meant action on the race track. Instead, Honda means actions like $1.2 million committed to supporting earthdreams-supported projects. Earthdreams is a global-cause marketing program that grew out of last year's The Honda F1 Network says that the new Earthdreams website will be up and running later today (there's nothing there as I write this).

As for the non-paint-job parts of the RA108, they have been modified from previous Honda F1 racers to be more areodynamic (the exhaust geometry and the air box have been changed); also, the vehicle can accept the FIA-mandated 5.75 percent biofuel mix.

[Source: Honda]

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