Fisker considering Detroit for production of the Karma hybrid

We were captivated by the Karma plug-in hybrid when it was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month. Its curvaceous, aggressive design combined with its ability to go 50 miles without using any gas seems like a bargain at the projected starting price of $80,000. Fisker is hoping to deliver its first Karma to customers in the fourth quarter of 2009, but to do that they will first need to find a place to build the cars (and get the drivetrain sorted and figure out that batteries and...). Vic Doolan, director of retail development for Fisker, says the company is considering metro Detroit to handle production. The combination of unused capacity, close proximity of suppliers, and availability of experienced workers make Detroit an ideal location.

Those interested in the Karma and unconcerned about the vaporware accusations can pre-order one with a $1000 deposit, although the Signature Edition vehicles (the first 99 that will have the same features and color as the show car as well as a numbered and signed plaque), are all sold out. Customers who haven't ordered yet can expect a delivery date in mid-2010.

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