First 2009 Cadillac CTS-V spotted in public

click above for more shots of the Cadillac CTS-V in the wild

The mouthwatering new Cadillac CTS-V is an absolute celebrity in the American automotive industry. But while we got an eyeful of the supercharged super-sedan at its unveiling in Detroit, as any Hollywood buff could tell you, it's one thing to see a celebrity on stage and quite another to meet one out in the real world. That's the experience some lucky fans got when the new CTS-V rolled by what appears to be a Corvette gathering in Florida Scottsdale, AZ. It would appear to be an appropriate assembly to show off the super-Caddy, powered as it is by a 550-hp derivative of the supercharged V8 in the new Corvette ZR1.

As you can see from the pictures in the gallery, this CTS-V was wearing glossy black V-shaped, split-5-spoke Cadillac rims, a beautiful metallic silver paint job, Michigan plates and, oddly, some camouflage over the rear bumper. Why GM felt the need to hide the rear end of a car already released is beyond us. Thanks to pat_ernzen for the images.

UPDATE: The photographer let us know the car was shot at Scottsdale Pavilions shopping center, a weekly Saturday night car show in Scottsdale, AZ where people just bring their cars out.


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