ABG Flashback: Remembering last year's State of the Union speech

It's not exactly been a good year for the president of the U.S. The tail end of a presidency is rarely easy, but this time it's been a real clusterfudge. Thus far, the strongest criticism I've heard about where Bush is at in the national mind came from the right-wing supporter Tony Blankley on Left, Right and Center, where he said that this is the first time in all his decades in Washington, DC where in the week leading up to the SOTU speech, so very few folks are guessing what the president will say. Blankley said that Bush's words are so worthless (I think his exact choice of word was "weightless") at this stage that no one really cares. As the president steps up to the podium for tonight's State of the Union address, I thought it'd be fun to look back at what the president said last year.
The big green car news from the 2007 SOTU was a call for
The auto industry reacted favorably to this discussion on energy alternatives, but how much movement has there been in the 12 months since then? The big shift, of course, was the new 35 MPG CAFE standard that was enacted last December. There was what we could call a follow-up to the SOTU's emphasis on biofuels in the Energy Bill, namely the part that called for 36 billion gallons of biofuel in the U.S. by 2022. But the rest of it? Let's remember just how shaky a lot of what Bush said last year is, when compared to reality. You can take a trip through last year's SOTU by clicking on the related headlines below.

For those of you who are old enough - and responsible enough - to enjoy a drink or four, there's a drinking game for the SOTU that includes rules for ethanol and hydrogen. It's one way to get through the evening.


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