Spy Shots: Ford Ka starting to peel off the camo!

Right now the smallest car that Ford plans to sell in the U.S. market is the upcoming Verve. The Verve will also be the replacement for the Fiesta in Europe when it launches this spring. In the European market, Ford offers an even smaller model called the Ka. The current Ka is built on a shortened version of the current-generation Fiesta but the next model shares architecture with the new Fiat 500. We've seen spy shots of new Ka previously with very heavy camo including headlights tacked on outside the normal body work (a common practice on early-build prototypes). The latest batch of shots begins to show some of the body work exposed; the Kinetic design is starting to become apparent in the contouring of the body sides and the front end. With any luck if the Verve is a success Ford will see fit to offer the Ka to American drivers as an alternative to the Smart and other small cars.
[Source: WorldCarFans]

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