VIDEO: Major air - Ken Block and his flying Subaru

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Thumbing through the last issue of 0-60, one of the car-guyiest car mags around, I turned the page and saw an image that stopped me cold. Mother of pearl, a Subaru rally car flying through the air at a snowboard park. How is that even possible? We've all seen imagery of airborne rally cars, but the cruising altitude is usually just a couple feet. These shots depict serious flight. General Lee, Bo and Luke Duke flight. $150,000 worth of machinery being treated as the Greatest. Snowmobile. Evar.

It turns out 0-60 contributor and driver extrodinaire Ken Block was behind the wheel of that car, flying off jumps intended for snowboarders with 3,000 pounds of machinery as part of the shoot for the DC Shoes production MTN.LAB 1.5. Hit the jump for more, and to see some of the jaw-dropping video.

[Source: 0-60]

Two days in New Zealand with cameras sprinkled about and helicopter fly-bys nets you a supremely well done video. Who hasn't wanted to be this antisocial with their car, too? There's plenty of scenes where the choreography between car and snowboarder is worthy of Busby Berkeley, but the kicker is the end. Huge ramp, huge landing ramp, too much speed. The result, great images, but a busted up rally car and a fractured vertebrae. Ouch. Check the video from 0-60 below, and there's three more at DC's website.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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