Danica Patrick's GoDaddy.com ad banned from Super Bowl because of beavers

Way back when, Primus had a song called "Wynona's Big Brown Beaver," and, well, it got a lot of attention. Web site service provider GoDaddy.com is getting attention for the same unlikely use of the little brown castor canadensis. What do beavers have to do with web sites? That's exactly what Fox TV wanted to know when it rejected GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad titled "Exposure."

GoDaddy, which is making a yearly habit of getting more press because of its "edgy" ads than it does with the actual ads, employs racer Danica Patrick that featuers "supermodels with short skirts and furry creatures emerging from vehicles" for the spot. At some point, somebody calls the beaver a beaver in the commercial. Fox told GoDaddy if it wanted the commercial run, it would need to omit the reference to nature's most skilled gnawers because of that certain part of the female anatomy to which the ad was referring. Adhering to its strict principles, GoDaddy told Fox something along the lines of 'no beaver, no deal'.

Instead, GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad won't actually feature Danica Patrick nor advertise GoDaddy. It will feature GoDaddy characters Jack and Dougie and advertise the uncut version of the Danica Patrick commercial that will be available to view on the company's website. Hey, you got a hundred million people on your doorstep, might as well give them a reason to come in.

[Source: AZ Central via Winding Road]

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