VIDEO: VW Golf VI caught testing

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Nothing groundbreaking here, another Golf. The excitement will reside underneath the clean, evolutionary styling presided over by Walter da'Silva, Volkswagen's Group Design Chief. Powertrains will range from VW's diesel core competency to snorty sixes in the highest performance versions; a vehicular everyman with an engine choice to fit your needs and wants. The Golf VI has been out testing in Europe wearing stylish camouflage, as seen in the video. Looking closely, we can see that the light housings front and rear have a bit of styling flair compared to what we've currently got. The rear lamps wouldn't look out of place on an Alfa, and the headlamps sweep back into the hood and front fenders more than the current version. We're anxious to see the wraps come off, though, because you know underneath that shapely black fabric lurks a handsome Germanic face.

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[Source: World Car Fans]

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