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UPDATE: GM sold more in 2007 than Toyota

As we reported earlier today, Toyota is not expected to reveal the actual number of vehicles it sold in 2007 until later this month, but a source has told Reuters that the number should be about 9.366 million units worldwide. GM announced earlier today that it sold 9,369,524 vehicles around the world last year, which official makes it the world's best-selling automaker for the 77nd year in a row, though by the slimmest of margins.

We reiterate that owning this title makes little difference to either automaker. GM is in the midst of a turnaround in the U.S. market with sales in its own backyard still yet to rebound while Toyota is gaining marketshare in most regions around the world. Their global sales numbers are bound to cross paths at some point putting Toyota on top, and most analysts expect that to happen in 2008. Even if Toyota does pass GM in global sales for 2008, however, we don't expect it will be able to keep the title for very long before the General snaps it back. GM has a stronger presence in China and is doing very well in emerging markets, while Europeans seem to have taken a liking to the Chevy brand over there. If GM can get its U.S. sales back up, we expect it will remain the world's largest automaker.

[Source: Automotive News]

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