TREV is a new two seat electric trike from down under

While the crew at Zap! has yet to show off anything other than computer renderings of the three-wheeled Alias and four wheeled Zap-X, a team of students and faculty at the University of South Australia have built their own EV. The TREV or Two-seat Renewable Energy Vehicle uses a lithium polymer battery pack that provides sufficient energy for about 100 miles of driving per charge cycle. It also has sufficient power to accelerate the 600lb tandem seater to 60mph in a reasonable 10 seconds with a terminal velocity of about 75mph. One glance at the hollow door shell will tell you that this machine won't even come remotely close to meeting any crash safety standards in any developed country. On the other hand if you consider something like this as more akin to an recumbent electric bicycle with a full body you would be closer to the mark. Like the current and proposed products from Zap, as long as customers are aware of what such vehicles are and more importantly what they are not, this isn't a bad way to go for urban commuters.

[Source: TreeHugger, University of South Australia, via Engadget]

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