Notes from Project Better Place+Renault press conference

Recently, I wrote about the Project Better Place+Renault press conference. Here are some interesting details from the two webcasts titled Press Conference and Media Q&A and linked to from the Project Better Place website. Renault-Nissan CEO, Carlos Ghosn says the cars will have a maximum price of a gas car and a lifetime warranty. Carlos also says that in 2011 Renault-Nissan will mass market other kinds of electric cars it will sell around the world. There was a question about the loss of government money if people don't pay gas taxes that Shai Agassi, founder and CEO Project Better Place, answered. Shai says it's better for Israel to keep money in the country and that the government told him that if he succeeds, they will tax him.
Production of the cars will initially be in Renault's European plants and not in China or Israel as some expected. Ghosn did say if demand is greater than expected (an idea hinted at several times in the press conference) it would be a good idea to bring production to Israel. There are some funny moments too. Shai says hybrids are like mermaids, when you want a woman you get a fish. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert affectionately called Shai the boy from children's book who says the King had no clothes.

The signing of the Project Better Place+Renault contract is a great moment. Should everything go right, in 2011, tens of thousands of electric cars will be sold and will be recharging (in) Israel.

[Source: Project Better Place]

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