London's Low Emission Zone rulemakers have to make concessions

London had a plan for a Low Emission Zone, In the LEZ-delimited area, certain types of vehicles are banned from entering. At least, that was the plan.
Drivers of any non-compliant vehicle entering the zone after 4 February 2008 were going to get a Penalty Charge Notice. Now, however, they're going to receive receive a warning letter giving the vehicle keeper 28 days to make the vehicle compliant instead.

Why? The reason is a Freight Transport Association campaign that said that it was very hard to accomplish such a target because of difficulties that freight operators have for replacing old vehicles. The Eastern Europe demand for commercial vehicles resulted in a shortage for Western European markets.

The measure is also flexible: if the operators can't really find a replacement vehicle and have made reasonable efforts to comply but have encountered problems, they will be offered help by Transport for London to fix the situation.

[Source: Transport for London]

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