Pole Position: Remix for your iPod

Click above to view screenshots from Pole Position: Remix

NAMCO, the video game company that brought us some of the cheesiest yet most compelling video game titles of all time, is releasing Pole Position: Remix specifically for your little iPod. This is the game's 25th anniversary year, and the new title, which will thankfully not use 25-year-old graphics, has also been updated with new game play like 3D versions of its four tracks, and a Misake Point track that will only be available on the iPod version.

And since you'll be playing this on the music device du jour, the game comes with an updated soundtrack, but you can also listen to your own tunes while you spin the wheel -- we expect to find a lot of Pole Position playlists in people's libraries. If you do that, album art from your music collection will show up on billboards, both randomly and from what's playing, which is pretty trick. The game will sell for $4.99 on iTunes, and works on the iPod nano with video, and the classic and new iPods.

Thanks for the tip, Jen!

[Source: TUAW]

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