New picture of Javlon from AllGreenVehicles, Miles' new EU distributer

I was browsing through the website for AllGreenVehicles, Miles Electric's new EU distributer and I found a new picture of Javlon, a highly-anticipated electric car. From the text on the building in the background, it appears to be in China, the last location I caught up with this slippery electric car. The URL in the lower right,, is also a popular Chinese web portal. I don't speak Chinese, so I don't know how I would find the source of that image at Even more frustrating, the image was at the AllGreenVehicles's news page is in another language I don't understand.

The Miles Javlon, along with a hand-full of other vehicles, may be the first normal, looking, electric car available in the U.S. If you can translate AllGreenVehicles or navigate to find the source of the alluring image, please post anything you can find in comments or tell us directly. We would really appreciate it because news about the Javlon is hard to find.

[Source: via AllGreenVehicles]

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