Mystery supercar revealed! Meet the MCE MC1

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Spy shots of a mystery car being tested in the UK last year caused quite a commotion. Many speculated its identity, with the upcoming return of the Lotus Esprit or a new Lotus sportscar being the odds on favorite. All of those guesses are incorrect, as the identity of the mystery supercar has been revealed as the MCE MC1.

CAR magazine should be credited with the expert sleuthing that not only revealed the car's identity, but also brought to light a series of official renderings that show off the MC1's body, designed by David Hilton who also penned the Ford Focus RS and S-Max.

The MC1 is really a joint project between two companies: MotorCity Europe and C2P Automotive. C2P handled development of the MC1 and will likely be responsible for building it, while MCE coordinated its design. Mechanically speaking, all we know is that the MC1 is powered by a 600bhp V10 and features an all-carbon fiber monocoque chassis. Its wheels are enormous at 20-inches up front and 21-inches in the rear. In terms of size, CAR states that the MC1 is "slightly shorter and narrower than a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, and a mere 15mm higher."

The MCE MC1 is still not necessarily destined for production, as this "concept" needs funding to get flying. But MCE has obviously done a lot of heavy lifting so far, including track testing and nailing the car's overall aesthetic, which, as you can see in the gallery, is every bit as ostentatious as a supercar should be.

[Source: CAR]

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