Celebrating 40 years of minimalist fun: Lotus Exige Sprint

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We're going to have to wait until July for something new from Lotus when it drops the Eagle 2+2 at the London Motor Show. But until then, Lotus seems content to keep us satiated with yet another limited edition Exige. The Exige Sprint draws its inspiration from the Elan Sprint that was built between '71 and '73 and comes covered in a tri-tone paint scheme with a white bottom half, blue or yellow top and a gold line bisecting the two. The Sprint will come standard with A/C, Lotus' Sport Pack and model-specific lightweight alloys to compliment the 243 hp road rocket. Only 40 will be built to commemorate when Lotus began building vehicles in Hethel back in 1967, with each donning a chassis number covering each year of production, except for 1982, when Lotus founder Colin Chapman departed for the big race track in the sky. A book covering the history of Lotus' models from Hethel will be included with the car, along with a signed certificate from the automaker's boss, Mike Kimberley. The Sprint is on sale now in the UK for £42,550.

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