Barrett-Jackson 2008: General Lee Dodge Charger brings $450,000

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If Wikipedia is correct (isn't it always?), there were a total of 309 General Lee Dodge Chargers used in the making of Dukes of Hazzard. The show used at least one or two cars per episode, nearly all of which were destroyed by the end. However, a few of the car still exist in various states of (dis)repair, including this particular one owned by John Schneider who played Bo Duke. The car currently has a 511cid Hemi V8 with 725 bhp and 610 lb-ft torque and has hit 165 mph in the Silver State Classic according to Schneider. The car was featured in the "Dukes of Hazzard" TV reunion movie, and each member of the cast has signed the underside of the hood.

Despite Schneider leading the crowd in a rendition of "The Good Ol' Boys" while standing on the roof of his car, the General Lee couldn't muster more than a top bid of $450,000. We were expecting something a littler higher, especially since someone paid $360,000 for the Monkeemobile.

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