Witness: LeBron James busted doing 101 MPH

Being that I hate the local news in my home town, I had to find out from our friends at Jalopnik that Cleveland's own self-made messiah, LeBron James, got busted for breaking the century mark while driving home from the airport after an away game in New Orleans. An Ohio State officer pulled James over in his white Mercedes early in the AM on December 30th, which also happened to be the NBA superstar's 23rd birthday. James pleaded not guilty to the charge and could get a $150 fine. The story might have ended there had James not commented to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "It's no big deal. I was on my way home to go to sleep. You have to abide by the rules. I made a mistake." Now it seems the morally righteous are jumping on the King's case for playing down the significance of getting a triple-digit speeding ticket. We certainly don't condone speeding to excess, though we can relate to wanting to get home as fast as possible after, say, an exhausting auto show, and slip into a sleep coma.
[Source: Associated Free Press via Jalopnik, Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty]

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