Hot Wheels celebrating 40 years, planning tour of the U.S.

Thinking back to our formative years, there were three defining moments that began our automotive obsession. Our first exotic car poster (Countach FTW!), our first subscription to a buff book (in our own name) and countless hours spent on the carpet with our Hot Wheels collection doing imaginary power slides and performing gravity defying leaps over the abyss of our kitchen sink. Amazingly, Hot Wheels has been facilitating those memories for four decades since it began selling its die-cast toys back in 1968.
For Hot Wheels' 40th anniversary, it commissioned artists to design a few concepts that would celebrate the toys' heritage, and it is now planning a U.S. tour to mark the four billionth miniature sold. You'd have to be a fast food restaurant to claim to have served more people than that. Details about the tour are minimal, but Hot Wheels is planning a stop off in Detroit and an appearance at the historic races at Watkins Glen once things get underway later this summer. And a tour wouldn't be complete without schwag, so Hot Wheels plans on giving out collector cars in a variety of colors during the trip. We are so there.

[Source: AutoWeek via Winding Road]

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