Dealer ad shows 2008/09 Chevy Impala

It seems that the Impala's replacement has found its way onto the auto pages of a newspaper in much the same way that the Cadillac CTS Coupe did a while back. You could argue that there's no way this is anything but a calculated effort on GMs part. There's really no way to be sure, but with our local dealers still still using images of the DN101 Taurus when advertising the '08, the suspicion might be warranted. Think about it for a second and you realize that dealers don't just get this stuff by mistake. That's our conspiracy theory, and we're sticking with it.

Why would the General toss images of cars yet to be announced out there so publicly? We don't know, but perhaps it's a way to test styling or generate buzz. Or, maybe GM had nothing to do with it and the dealer found this rendering in a year-old issue of Motor Trend, which is probably the most likely scenario. Either way, we like the swoopy Volt-ish lines of the whateveritis. Our current Impala is rather anonymous, though it is the best Lumina ever made. If this car really is what it's masquerading as, we're excited to see it in four color instead of grayscale half-toning.

Thanks for the tip, Jacob!

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