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2007 big year for Pontiac Aztek: 25 sold

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The Pontiac Aztek may be the butt of more jokes than Britney Spears, but even two years after its demise, the world's ugliest crossover of all time is still selling. In fact, Pontiac dealers chalked up a whopping 25 sales in 2007, and we'd like to meet the visually impaired customers who drove them off the lot and into a lifetime's worth of ridicule. Actually, we'd like to visit the 25 Pontiac dealerships that risked the embarrassment of keeping a two-year old "new" car on their lots. Any mention of Sales Person of the Year should include the fine men and women who pushed, dragged and pulled those Azteks off the lot. How do you explain to the new car shopper why his new car no longer has that new car smell? OK, we're done.

PS: We're well aware that there are many satisfied owners out there who appreciate the practical design of the Aztek's interior layout, smooth ride and the world's best built anti-theft device (i.e. its looks). We apologize for being so insensitive.

[Source: Inside Line]

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