Verizon has decided to save some gasoline and greenhouse-gas emissions by adding 100 hybrid sedans to the company fleet as it replaces old models. The company expects to reduce emissions by 263,000 Metric tons and save 30,000 gallons of fuel annually

The chosen model is the Toyota Prius because, the company says, they "can travel nearly double the miles per gallon and emit less than half of the carbon of most traditional sedans." Last year, Verizon began using 13 specially designed service vans with a retrofitted hybrid-engine in Maryland and Texas. The company also uses B20 for service vehicles and vegetable-based lubricants for cable operations.

Verizon also said that in 2006 they reduced emissions already by 334,000 metric tons and saved 6,000 trees by reducing the amount of paper used for billing.

[Source: Verizon]

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