Jesse James to break land speed record in hydrogen car but says Gore is still "a dork"

Michigan Live caught up with popular custom bike maker and host of Monster Garage, Jesse James, at the Detroit Auto Show Wednesday. Jesse was at AutoWeek's annual design forum awards dinner promoting recycling and talked about his plans to break the land speed record this Spring with his hydrogen gas-fueled "Green Scream." Has Jesse gone green? Not quite.

Jesse says "we all want to go faster and have cooler, neater stuff, so we all have to pay our dues. ... That's just me trying to find some balance. ... I want my kid to be able to drive my 'cuda. So that's my preachy speech." Jesse also says Al Gore is still "a dork" and "I don't want to go to an electric Formula One race."

How about a hybrid Formula One race, Jesse?

[Source: Michigan Live]

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