Usually, the auto show game plan works like this: an automaker reveals the latest car with a flourish, everyone crowds around the stage and snaps photos and then the scrum dies down and forms at the next booth. Later, some low-level techs move whatever vehicle was just photographed like Britney Spears with her pants down onto the show floor, where it sits and waits for someone to pay it attention during the rest of the week.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the way it works. When GM unveiled the plug-in hybrid VUE concept at the Detroit Auto Show (along with the new two-mode VUE hybrid), the PHEV appeared on stage, then retreated through the little door and was never seen again. When I asked someone from GM where the SUV was, he told me that it was probably back in Milford already. All this is to say that the short clip of the Vue plug-in that you can see in the video above - which shows how Saturn unveiled the new VUEs) is all you're gonna get. For now, anyway. Someday, I'm sure, we'll bring you much clearer and better video of what will probably be the first production plug-in hybrid from an OEM.


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