While repeatedly denying the existence of an upcoming entry-level Ferrari, company executives have stated that the real entry-level Ferrari is a used Ferrari. To back that up, the company's outfit in the UK has established the Ferrari Approved program to certify second-hand Prancing Horses.

The program covers the 360, 430, 465M, 612, 550, 575 and 599 models, in all their derivations, with the oldest stretching back no earlier than 1998. As part of the process, factory-trained technicians put the cars through a 190-point inspection, replacing or repairing defective parts; an independent investigation is conducted into the car's history ensuring there are no outstanding debts on the car; and the service record is verified. Only non-modified cars, dealer-serviced throughout, are eligible for the program, and once the cars come out, they're backed by a 12-month factory warranty and 12 months of roadside assistance.

Although Ferrari North America offers a pre-owned vehicle program, it does not appear to be nearly as extensive in its certification process as the one Ferrari GB Ltd has just launched. Maybe the British program will serve as a pilot before it comes stateside.

[Source: Ferrari GB]

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