Detroit 2008: Chrysler ecoVoyager live reveal

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The Chrysler ecoVoyager was to this year's Detroit Auto Show what the Ford Airstream was last year in more ways than one. An odd-ball shaped one-"box" design, the ecoVoyager is specced out with a hydrogen fuel cell acting as a range extender for the lithium ion battery pack which provides energy to drive the front wheels. The fuel cell and battery are also packaged under the floor of the Chrysler. Unlike the Ford, this concept has a more mainstream interior design, unlike the Space Odyssey 2001/acid trip configuration of the earlier concept. Like the AirStream, the exterior of the ecoVoyager was still treated with derision by most who set eyes upon it. On the other hand it's definitely not as bad as the current production Sebring. Take that for what it's worth.
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