Detroit Diversion: The Scion xD toy crane

Click image to see the Five Axis Scion xD Toy Crane in action

Those of you who attend your local auto show every year know that the Scion booth is always loaded with free swag for showgoers. This year, in addition to the free goodies at the desk (knit beanies, a DJ mix CD), we noticed a line of hacks behind what looks like an xD tuned by Five Axis. A closer look reveals why people are lining up: that's no regular xD, it's a toy crane! The car is literally filled with plush tC, xD, and xB replicas. Best of all, it's free and the claw is modified so that you have to be profoundly untalented to not come out a winner every time. Check out the gallery below to see how free toys happen over at the Scion booth. The photos run in order, so start with number 1 and click through.

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