When I wrote the post about the unveiling of the Mitsubishi Concept-RA on Sunday, I really wanted to follow up on the note I made that the RA doesn't stand for Ralliart (the new version of which was unveiled at the same time) or an Egyptian god, but I couldn't for the life of me remember what the Mitsubishi hosts declared "RA" to mean. I knew I had recorded the description on tape, but there just wasn't time to go back and find that precise moment and check it out. I also guessed you wouldn't be too disappointed if I left that out, so I wrote the post without it. Now that I've had time to go and edit this video together, I was reminded that RA stands for "Road Alive," which I'll admit right now sounds strange to me. Maybe that's why I forget. I mean, considering the RA's Ralliart ties, why not just call this diesel concept an evolution of that car?

Anyway, we've got some video of the car in action (as it were), slowly rotating on the stage and quietly opening its doors. It's a fun little clip for a fun-looking little car.

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