Leakage: BMW M3 Cabrio with "M-DKG"

One enthusiast from the Netherlands described the E93 thusly: "Super vette bak!" We're pretty sure that translates to "super fat barge," though the overly-literal "super oily bake" has its own charm. If you're into cabrios, maybe mutating the phrase to "super phat barge" is more palatable. Our friend from NL was referring to the 200-plus extra pounds the M3 cabrio will be hauling around versus its sedan counterparts. The folding-roof M3 doesn't officially debut until the Geneva Auto Salon in March, but a German magazine jumped the gun and posted images on their website. Embargo apparently broken, the pictures continue to propagate about the internet.

The biggest news with the pending debut of the convertible M3 is the gearbox. The new seven-speed dual-clutch replacement for the SMG transmission, dubbed M-DKG, is reported to debut with the M3 cab and will be available across all bodystyles of the M3 simultaneously. Wheel-mounted paddles will let you blip your heart out, and the new cog swapper will likely outrun cabrios fitted with traditional manuals, reportedly making the sprint in about 5.3 seconds.

[Source: M3Post via Motor Authority]

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