On a nice autumn day, some people go play golf. Others toss the pigskin around. Garage 419 shares our idea of a perfect fall day, though: Corvette Flogging. Not just any Corvette, either, but Garage 419's camera wonks were treated to plenty of neck-snapping fly-bys from the new Corvette ZR1. What more do we need to say? It looks great, it sounds great, it goes fast. There's a couple of interviews at the end of the clip that make you want the car even more by noting that there's only going to be about 2,500 made and with the General's crack suspension team on the job, the car won't pound you into renal failure. Maybe we should start playing the ten dollar scratch tickets in hopes of a bigger payout.

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Thanks for the tip, Brian!

[Source: Garage419]

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