You might remember a post I wrote about a Toyota TV commercial that prominently featured the EV (electric vehicle) mode button. You can watch that commercial for yourself in the video above. Turning your hybrid into an electric car at will is really an interesting idea. The range on the battery and top speed on EV mode in current Toyotas is not great and the car does it automatically most of the time. There really isn't a great improvement in efficiency for most drivers but I find there is just something sweet about controlling your hybrid car, sort of like shifting gears in a stick. Asking the car to put out less noise is useful but again, turning your car into an electric car is Je ne sais pas. There are lots of misconceptions about green cars (e.g., they can't be fun), but tell the truth: don't you wish your car had an EV button? This has to be the biggest, coolest gadget you can buy today.

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