CES 2008: Rick Wagoner roundtable discussion

Prior to his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday, GM Chairman Rick Wagoner held a discussion with a group of us flacks to answer all of our questions clearly and completely without equivocation. OK just kidding, he did hedge on a number of questions as would be expected of any major executive, especially one heading up the largest automaker in the world (for now). A range of issues were discussed, including alternative fuels, hybrids and the fate of the Zeta platform beyond the Pontiac G8 and the Camaro.
Wagoner reiterated that nothing had changed on the status of the Volt and that it was still on track. He expressed appreciation that the EPA had denied the California waiver request for its greenhouse gas rules so that carmakers could focus on meeting one national set of CAFE standards. Also related to fuel economy, he declined to comment on the status of some vehicles planned off of the Zeta platform, aside from the fact that they were still considering options including models with smaller engines. You can listen to the whole discussion here as an mp3.

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