2007 UK car market CO2 performance numbers released

British website cleangreencars.co.uk has released three reports that show the improvements (and the negative numbers) that the UK car industry made from 2006 to 2007. Overall, cars sold in the UK improved the average CO 2 production figures by 1.16 percent from 166.32 to 164.39 g/km. As you can see, there is still a long way to go until the expected average of 130 g/km for 2012.

The best improvement figures came from the Mini (which turned in CO 2 numbers that are 17.32 percent better), followed by Jeep (10.83 percent), BMW (6.48 percent), Mitsubishi (6.29 percent) and Land Rover (4.10 percent). Note that this is just measuring improvement. The top five marques with the lowest CO 2 emissions in 2007 were Fiat (142.15 g/km), Peugeot (146.04) , Daihatsu (146.9), Mini (147.26) and Citroën (148.07).

The model with the least CO 2 emissions was the Toyota Prius (104 g/km), followed by the Toyota Aygo/Peugeot 104/Citroën C1 triplets (109) and the Smart Fortwo (116.39). Note, as well, that it's the average figures for a specific model and all versions were considered. CO 2 figures are relevant for British motorists because their road tax is calculated depending on these figures.

[Source: Cleangreencars.co.uk]

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