Fiat introduces its first diesel in India today

Fiat has been selling the 1.3-liter FIRE diesel in Europe for a while, but the car was introduced in India today. It is Fiat's first diesel in India and it made its debut at the New Delhi auto show. According to Automotive News, within a year "the diesel will become part of regular powertrain production in India." Fiat's Mumbai plant can build 300,000 engines a year. Fiat India's head of engineering and development told AN that, "The 1.3-liter unit is the right diesel for India. We'll produce three versions of the FIRE engine family, including 1.1-liter and 1.4-liter gasoline versions." While everyone waits for cleaner cars, is it any surprise that car company's are turning to technology they know in the meantime?
[Source: Jesse Snyder / Automotive News]

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