Delphi concept controls your car through iPhone

One of Delphi's major reveals during CES this week is surely to get the iPhone fanbois frothing at the mouth – even if it's just a concept. The software allows users to monitor and control several aspects of a vehicle's system, everything from unlocking doors to starting the car and getting the temperature just right.

The connection is made from the phone to a Bluetooth-enabled key-fob that then connects to the car. According to Delphi, that gives geeks the opportunity to connect to their vehicle from a mile away.

Beyond the aforementioned features, the system can start or stop the car, roll down the windows, check tire pressure, monitor oil and brake fluid life, as well as detecting if the car has been broken into. If and when the system is ready for primetime, Delphi expects it to be available for a number of smart phones.

Thanks for the tip Corinne!

[Source: PCMag]

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