The video above is a 20-minute talk by Amory Lovins, a leading green thinker. Three minutes into the video, Amory says his "friends in Detroit" say you can import your super-efficient Chinese car in a "decade." I will let Amory explain why the American car industry must go green:

China has an energy policy based on radical energy efficiency and leap frog technology. They are not going to export your Uncle's Buick, and after that comes India. The point here is: these cars are going to be made super-efficient. The question is who will make them? Will we in the United States continue to import efficient cars to replace foreign oil or will we make efficient cars and import neither the oil or the car. That seems to make more sense.

At six minutes into the Ted Talk, Amory show several high-mpg concept vehicles. Amory also talks about the advantages of using lightweight technology in cars. At 15 minutes into the video, Amory suggests several things governments can do like create an X-Prize like contest for cars. Are you listening, Congress?

[Source: via Grist]

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