Roll like Walter P: 300C Rodeo Drive Plus 6 package

Click either image for a gallery of the Chrysler 300C Rodeo Drive Plus 6.

Performance West has rolled out a stretched wheelbase blinged-out 300C with an appropriately protracted name. The W.P. Chrysler Executive Series 300C Rodeo Drive Plus 6 by Performance West pulls together the work and merchandise of several vendors to create a six-inch longer 300C for those executives who find the standard choices too boring. Nobody will be able to ignore the chrome spear down the flanks, and if they do just crank up the stereo. Mechanicals are upgraded with a Corsa cat-back exhaust and a Flex Fuel Smart system adds E85 capability to the Hemi. Coil-overs and thicker swaybars tighten up proceedings underneath, and SSBC's upgraded brakes hide behind 22-inch Sporza wheels. Inside, the seats have been retrimmed in custom leather, there's an audio system to rattle your molars and an integrated computer and communications rig, too. Look up, there's a Glassback installation by Classic Design Concepts, look down, you'll find a Hurst shifter sticking purposefully out of the console. It looks like it'd be a whole lot more fun to shuffle papers around in the rear compartment of the Plus 6 than, say, a Maybach. The whole shebang will be available for an as yet unannounced price at dealers.

Thanks for the tip, David!

[Source: Allpar]

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