Camless engine may debut on 2009 Fiat 500, Alfa Junior

It's been bandied about for some time, but Valeo is looking to finally make it a reality. The supplier is developing a camless engine that utilizes electromagnetic solenoids to drive the valves, providing unlimited control of the valves, reducing emissions by up to 20-percent and improving performance in the process.
The system, which is also being developed by both Jacobs Vehicle Systems of Connecticut and Lotus Engineering, has had its share of fits and starts. Packaging issues have caused problems for all involved, particularly on engines with three or four valves per cylinder.

Although Valeo has yet to get an automaker to sign on, industry sources claim that Fiat is looking to employ a similar system, dubbed Multiair, on the 2009 900cc 500 and possibly some of its diesel offerings. Alfa Romeo might get in the game as well, when it releases the "Junior" model with a turbocharged inline four.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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