CES 2008: Iqua Bluetooth Snake whispers in your ear as you drive

One of the big problems with aftermarket, in-car Bluetooth devices is sound. Most of them plug up in your car's auxiliary power plug (that's a cigarette lighter to those of use born before 1990), and unless you drive a Miata, that's not where your ears are.

Iqua says their Bluetooth Snake fixes the problem by moving the sound closer to your head. The Snake fits onto your car's headrest and sits right at your right cheek to better pick up your voice as well as put the sound where it's needed.

It still gets its power from where you once lit your smokes, so theres some cableage to run. And despite the photo above, the Iqua's CES rep assures us the Snake doesn't obstruct your vision or distract your attention from the road ahead.

More hi-res photos of the Iquas Bluetooth Snake in our gallery.

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