REPORT: Ford bought Mustang the role of KITT

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Wouldn't you like to believe that the producers of the new Knight Rider series saw something in the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR that evoked the essence of what it is to be KITT? Yeah, that's not what happened. According to AdAge, Ford snagging the role of KITT had more to do with timing and a certain boat load of money that was exchanged hands. As we've explained before, Pontiac doesn't even have a car that would be suitable for the part of KITT, while the Camaro just wouldn't have been ready in time. Same goes for the Dodge Challenger. That leaves the Ford Mustang, which found a new way to enjoy its time without a competitor in sight by taking some acting lessons and landing the spot. Curiously, Jalopnik reports that the article, which isn't accessible without a subscription (natch) mentions that the Chrysler Crossfire was being considered. Not that it should have ever gotten the job, but Chrysler cancelled the Crossfire anyway. We're sure the Corvette was being considered, if for no other reason than it would have made as much sense in the role as the GT500KR, but we guess GM didn't think it was money well spent. Time will tell whether or not Ford's investment was a smart one.

[Source: Adage via Jalopnik]

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