Autoblog is headed to CES 2008

It's the biggest collection of gadget geeks in the world, with 1.7 million square feet of display space and one entire hall full of automotive accessories. It's the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and Autoblog has it covered.
The big draw for gearheads this year, of course, is the keynote address given by General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner next Tuesday. It's the first time a GM CEO has spoken at CES and we're still wondering what he plans to say.

But we're also looking forward to seeing what Alpine's far out tuner car will be this year. In 2007, it was the, uh, interesting, Mercedes RLS, but we're told that this year will be different. Our only hint is that Alpine's products don't require wheels.

And, of course, we'll have full coverage of all manner of custom cars, eardrum-ripping sound systems and in-car LCD screens, just like last year. And although Engadget has already spilled the beans on Garmin's new nav systems, we'll do our best to get one-on-one time with them ourselves.

We also expect to meet with Audiovox, Pioneer, Dolby, Delphi, THX, JBL and Clarion to hear what they have planned for your vehicle in 2008. BMW's F1 Sauber race team will be there, too, entertaining the CES crowds.

The coverage begins soon after we land in Vegastown, so stay tuned.

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