Dongfeng, one of the largest Chinese manufacturers (with a range of models that include some Citroëns), has announced that is investigating hydrous ethanol. The development does not only mean that they will adapt engines but the development of the fuel itself. What is Dongfeng saying that hydrous ethanol is all about? A 65-percent rich ethanol mix that releases a hydrogen-rich mixture which would burn easily without big modifications in the engine (just one additional mechanism).

The technology would not only make these flex-fuel vehicles cheaper but it's claimed that hydrous ethanol saves a lot of the energy (60 percent) needed to remove water from current ethanol (anhydrous) which is, moreover, mixed up with gasoline for current ethanol applications.

Donfgeng expects to have a production center ready by the end of this year, both with a Research and Development office and an engine assembly plant. Pictured above is the Dongfeng D120 (thanks to our colleagues from Autoblog in Chinese)

[Source: China Economic]

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