California has low-resistance tire laws

When I read the Detroit News article headlined Michelin responds with 'green' tires for California, an article about Michelin working with and not fighting California over tire regulation I thought, "That's great, a major corporation working with... wait a minute! California actually has a low resistance tire law?" Yes, they do!
In 2003, California signed into law the "World's First Fuel-Efficient Tires Law" and the California Energy Commission had until July 7, 2007 to develop the standards. The law goes into effect in July of 2008. I have to agree with Wired when they say the Commission could have highlighted safety concerns more.

As you can see in the video below, Michelin is big on low-resistance tires and must have seen this as a way to make money but I have to admit: For once, I am little disappointed that a major corporation did not push back a little harder against green regulation. Sure, the law requires labeling and that the market for replacement tires include low-resistance tires. Nothing wrong with more consumer information and greater choice in the market place, right? However, this could be a slippery slope to a CAFE-like law for tires. Readers, am I overreacting or is this a great law?

[Source: Detroit News, NRDC, Wired]

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