Nitin Design unleashes the Dacoit concept bike

click above for more high-res images of the Dacoit concept bike

The Nitin Design Dacoit concept bike was reportedly styled to look like a hooded man. "When viewing the front portion of the bike, you can see an evil figure whose eyes/headlights are peeping from underneath the hood." In addition to the masked-man motif of the front end, the seat back rest was inspired by a shark's fin. The animal theme continues: "The back of the bike is short to enhance the 'man sitting on an engine' concept and to give it an evil Hyena-like feel."

We're not sure the mash of design cues that makes up the Dacoit concept all belong together, but overall, we dig it. Many bikes are starting to look too similar, so we won't fault one for trying to be different. No real details are available to tell us what kind of powerplant the bike could sport, but that's fine considering that this is really just a styling exercise.

[Source: Faster and Faster]

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