Great prices for the Seat Ibiza Ecomotive at home

Spaniards will have what I think is a pleasant surprise in Seat's new 2008 car tariffs for Spain. Under the new car tax regulations, taxes on low-polluting cars are reduced but Spaniards will still pay for VAT, 16 percent, and local road tax. To take advantage of the low taxes, Seat has priced the new Ibiza Ecomotive quite nicely.

The Seat Ibiza Ecomotive, which promised to bring Europeans cheap access to low-polluting motoring, will be priced very close to the non-Ecomotive version. In its new price list for 2008, Seat is offering 3 Ibiza models that are exempted from Spain's tax: The 1.4 TDI 70 HP, the 1.4 TDI 80 HP and the Ecomotive. The only difference in the Ecomotive is the installation of low-rolling tires, minor aerodynamic tweaks and a Diesel Particulate Filter. With a price difference of just 835.75 EUR between the base models, the Ibiza Ecomotive seems to be quite a good deal for the Spanish market (although it's even better in places like the UK).

  • 1.4 TDI 70CV REFERENCE (119 g of CO2/km): 12.361,91 EUR
  • 1.4 TDI 80CV REFERENCE (119 g of CO2/km): 12.975,03 EUR
  • 1.4 TDI 80 CV DPF ECOMOTIVE (99 g of CO2/km): 13.810,78 EUR


[Source: Seat (link is .pdf, in Spanish)]

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