Pterodactyl ruins man's Christmas

Dave Chappelle did a bit about going for a ride with a friend of his in New York City. His friend driving, Chip, started racing down a Manhattan street. When he was pulled over by NYPD, Chip told the officer, "I didn't know I couldn't do that" -- and after a scolding, the officer let him go with "Now go on, get out of here!"

We aren't sure if a 29-year-old man in Washington had the same thing in mind when one evening, after driving in the opposing lane for less than a block, he totaled his car on a light pole. His one-word answer to the police, when he was asked what happened, was this: "pterodactyl." And it appears to have worked: the man was treated at a local hospital and released.

The man's alcohol level was "minimal." We don't know what he was drinking, but it must have been powerful. So on this New Year's be careful out there. And watch out for flying, Mesozoic-era reptiles.

Thanks for the tip, Gary!

[Source: Herald]

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