Practical Joke of the Day: VW Touareg Cabrio

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December 28 is the "día de los Inocentes" in Spain, which is basically equivalent to our April Fool's Day. Bogus media stories are part of the fun, and it looks like businesses get in on the action, too. Case in point: Volkswagen.

If you visit VW Spain's website today, you're greeted with the normal landing page, which spotlights the "new Touareg Cabrio" at the top. Clicking on the image brings you to, a microsite registered to VW's Spanish division according to a quick WHOIS lookup.

There, you're given three links: Acabados (trim levels), Motores (engines), and Galería (gallery). Clicking on any of them lets you know it's all a joke, and allows you to forward the gag to a friend. If you do that, your buddy will receive this email message, which "introduces" the reader the ragtop Touareg and directs him or her to the website. Tomorrow, it'll probably all be gone. Go through the motions yourselves starting here. If you miss it on 12/28, no worries. We've screen-captured all the elements in the attached gallery.

Feliz día de los Inocentes, everyone!

[Source: VW España via German Car Blog]

VW Spain landing page, December 28, 2007
  • VW Spain landing page, December 28, 2007
  • December 28 is El dia de los Inocentes in Spain, which is basically the equivalent of April Fool's. VW is "advertising" the "new" Touareg Cabrio. Minisite
  • Minisite
  • Clicking on the Touareg Cabrio on the landing page brings you here.
Touareg Cabrio email
  • Touareg Cabrio email
  • If you forward the link to a friend, this is the email he/she receives.

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