picks Best Cars of 2007

Our friends over at have summoned the strength to knock out their own Best Cars list for the year that was 2007. Each of the site's four editors chose winners in six categories, which include Best New Car, Best Makeover, Best Date Car, Best Family Car, Best Club Car and Best Car for Me. There wasn't much agreement among the editors on Best New Car, which was awarded to no less than four different cars: the Volvo C30, Audi R8, Audi A5/S5 and Saturn Astra. The only thing on which they could for the most part agree was which car received the best makeover in 2007, with the Cadillac CTS and its sharp-as-an-Armani-suit styling getting the nod from three out of four editors. Of course, the categories of Best Date Car and Best Club Car contain the most interesting choices, with both the Dodge Viper SRT10 and Lincoln Navigator being named as winners, among others. The Viper would be the Brian Kinney car, useful for arriving at the velvet ropes and angering a mob of hopeless club-goers as you cut in line. The Navigator, meanwhile, is what Michael would use to carpool all his buddies to Babylon, where he would then wait in line.

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